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   1500 Roll Off Hoist 60,000 lb Capacity   1700 Pup Wagon
   1500 Roll Off Hoist 75,000 lb Capacity   8000 Container Carrier
   1500 Roll Off Hoist 80,000 lb Capacity   R 9020 2 Split Body Rear Loader
   1628 Roll Off Hoist Trailer   R 9020 3 Split Body Rear Loader
   1630 Roll Off Hoist Trailer   R 9025 2 Split Body Rear Loader
   1632 Roll Off Hoist Trailer   R 9025 3 Split Body Rear Loader
   1634 Roll Off Hoist Trailer   R 9030 2 Split Body Rear Loader
   1636 Roll Off Hoist Trailer   R 9030 3 Split Body Rear Loader
   1639 Roll Off Hoist Trailer   TBX50 Two Box Trailer
   1700 Live Pup Trailer  
  G & H Product Maintenance

It is very important to us at G&H that product maintenance information is readily available to those who operate and maintain our products. Maintenance will ensure the long life and the safe operation of the equipment. The equipment should be checked daily as the example below illustrates.

Daily Maintenance Checklist Top
Hydraulic Components Body Inspection
Hydraulic Hoses Safety Devices
Leaks on Hydraulic Components Accessories
Hydraulic Oil Level Cylinders
Lights and Reflectors    
Preventative Maintenance -Know how and at what intervals to CHECK: Top
Grease Points Hydraulic System Pressure Settings
Cylinders Hydraulic Oil Level
Fittings and Connections (for leaks) Alarm and Speed Limiter (if equipped)
Hydraulic Hoses Filters and Breather
Hydraulic Pump Nuts, bolts, shafts & pins
Lights and Reflectors Clean Suction Strainer
Re-torque tubings and fittings Sample Hydraulic Oil
Solutions Top
Problem Probable Cause and/or Solution
Unit operates with jerky motion
Be sure oil is at the proper level.
Check for possible leaks and repair if necessary.
After any work on the hydraulic system:
  Fill tank with hydraulic oil.
  Replace filter cartridge.
  Operate cylinders to remove air from the system.
Oil is cold
Use the following procedure to warm the oil:
  Start the engine.
  Engage the pump.
  Operate the hoist control to bottom out the cylinder keeping the lever pushed for approximately five (5) minutes to warm up the oil.
  If the problem reoccurs, check the type of oil being used. It is highly likely that the wrong type of oil is being used.
Air in the System
(Oil is a milky color)
Check for a leak in the suction line.
Unit does not lift loaded container
Hydraulic pressure is set too low. Reset the pressure to 1900 PSI with engine at 1500 RPM. If pressure cannot reach 1900 PSI, check pump and replace if necessary.
Hydraulic cylinder may have an internal leak. Determine which cylinder is leaking and repack.
Control problems - hesitation noted
Air is present in the system. Be sure oil is at the proper level. Look for any possible air leaks at hose clamps on the suction hose.
Determine oil type: use only anti-foam hydraulic oil.
Noisy Pump
Movement is sluggish or absent.
Pump is noisy and faltering when lifting load
Possible damage to pump: check and replace if necessary.
Vibrations, particularly at high speed
Suction line is clogged.
Oil leaks noticed
If oil is noticed:
  Change the seal on the pump shaft.
  Repack the cylinders.
  Properly tighten fittings.
  Check hydraulic oil for foaming.
Reservoir is overflowing from top
Reservoir is too full.
Hoist is being lowered without engaging the pump.
Air is present in the system.
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